WHS Management Systems

Work health and safety management systems exist to document, implement and continually improve an organisation’s health and safety performance. Part of your overall management system, they are the foundation for:

  • Providing a safe work environment
  • Reducing workplace injuries for employee safety and wellbeing
  • Reducing the cost of workplace injuries (medical expenses, replacement labour and insurance premiums)
  • Complying with the law

An effective system is measurable and verifies your organisation’s compliance with WHS legislation. It may be integrated with other systems such as environment, quality, community relations and administration.

What we do

You may require a simple review to bring your system in line with current legislation, or a substantial overhaul of your policies and processes, or even a complete system built from scratch. Our specialised and up-to-date knowledge in this complex area will help you create a comprehensive system that meets legal requirements.

How we work

Our holistic approach includes a range of services that reduce the gaps in your WHS system. These include:

  • Drafting documentation
  • Communicating your WHS objectives to staff and other interested parties through training
  • Setting up safety committees
  • Implementing and communicating procedures from corporate to ground level

At a practical level, we will work with you to develop a range of communication tools such as:

  • Forms
  • Noticeboards
  • Photos of first aid officers and fire wardens in your organisation or department
  • Posters and signage
  • Incident forms
  • Sign-in and sign-out sheets
  • Incident forms
  • Evacuation maps

With our advice, you can achieve a documented and manageable WHS system that contributes to organisational efficiency, legal compliance and the safety and wellbeing of those in your workplace.

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