Intelex Training

Virtually every implementation of the Intelex software system will include a training component for both System Administrators and others who have access to the software. This training is agreed to in the Service Agreement between the client and Graham A Brown & Associates who provides local support as the Australasian Agent for Intelex Technologies Inc.

Intelex training can take a number of forms:

  • Face-to-face training at the client’s premises or at GABA’s Newcastle NSW office
  • On-line training utilising Go-to Meeting or other format
  • Provision of customised PowerPoint presentations
  • Training Videos and other material available through the Intelex Exchange portal
  • Provision of Training Course Workbooks either through the Intelex Exchange portal or customised by GABA

Our experienced Intelex trainers will provide the local training to our Australasian clients.

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