Environmental Management Systems

An environmental management system (EMS) provides the foundation for developing and implementing sound environmental policy and managing environmental aspects (risks and opportunities). It will at once address your organisational structure, planning activities, environmental responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources.

What we do

Our comprehensive range of services will assist you through every stage of the EMS lifecycle.

Mentoring and development services

Our EMS mentoring process consists of periodic visits to the site from one of our experienced management system consultants. The consultant will meet with the EMS Coordinator and work through one or more stages of development and implementation. Tasks completed during the mentoring process include training delivery, documentation review, management reviews, gap analysis and Intelex software implementation.

The Coordinator reports to the mentor using our Mentoring Program Sheet. This documented record of activities prior to the visit, during the visit and prior to the next visit is an extremely effective way of communicating progress to the organisation's management.

Gap analysis and scoping

Find out more about our gap analysis and scoping services here.

Custom tools development

We can tailor management system tools to align with your organisation’s environmental management goals such as conformance with or certification to ISO 14001 including:

  • Software systems (Intelex)
  • Risk assessment
  • Legal compliance assessment checklists
  • Environmental improvement plan templates
  • Training development and delivery
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Monitoring and measurement tracking and reporting tools
  • Internal audits
  • Management reviews and steering committees

Implementation services

The design of your EMS must be followed by implementation. This requires constant effort and often results in a two to three year process (if nothing is in place at the start) which can involve:

  • Induction training
  • Communication programs
  • Risk assessment sessions
  • Training programs
  • Management reviews and steering committees
  • Internal audits
  • Designing, delivering and supporting Intelex software applications

Maintenance and support services

We’ll ensure you keep up with the changing world of environmental management by:

  • Updating risk registers
  • Keeping you updated with legislative changes and compliance trends
  • Updating skills
  • Facilitating management reviews
  • Providing Intelex software updates and ongoing support
  • EMS and Intelex training

Systems integration

An EMS is intrinsically linked to several organisational areas including health and safety, quality, human resources, administration, purchasing, operations and production. We can assist you to realise the benefits of an integrated system through improved efficiency, uniformity and streamlined communication, using specialist software(Intelex) if required. The diagram below shows how EMS links to other management systems. (Click to enlarge)

The Intelex solution

Today’s regulatory landscape is in a state of constant change, and your business is facing new challenges as a result. Environmental management has become more than compliance and risk mitigation, and every organisation has its own unique risks and opportunities to address. We’re here to help you take the next step in that journey. The Intelex Performance Management System offers a complete software solution for environmental management including meeting the requirements of ISO 14001:2015. Intelex applications for environment, which includes the Intelex Platform, are shown in the diagram below. (Click to enlarge)

Call our Intelex Team for more information and advice regarding a suitable Intelex solution for your environmental management requirements on 02 4927 8500 or email Intelex@grahamabrown.com.au.


Certification involves independently verifying that your management system meets the criteria specified in the relevant national or international standard. We assist organisations to achieve certification to established standards such as ISO 14001 by helping them through the process of certification by a third party independent certification body.

Who we work with

Graham A Brown & Associates has examined, developed and reviewed approximately 60 environmental, health and safety, quality, community relations and integrated management systems and provided Intelex software solutions in many industries internationally including:

  • Mining
  • Petroleum and gas
  • Power generation
  • Ports and airports
  • Transport infrastructure (road, rail, marine)
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Commerce
  • Not-for-profit
  • Manufacturing
  • Federal, state and local government

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