Community Relations

What is community relations?

Organisations undertaking projects in industries such as manufacturing or mining typically possess an interrelationship with the communities in which they operate. Community relations seeks to build mutually beneficial relationships that offer prosperity and wellbeing to both parties.

Committing to a host community’s welfare reflects a level of corporate social responsibility and cultural awareness, promoting community engagement in your enterprise. Community relations builds trust with local people and understand their needs and aspirations via transparent communication.

What we do

Graham A Brown and Associates possesses a thorough understanding of the cultural and social implications of development in an international context.

We undertake social or community relations audits prior to a project being developed and during and after the development phase. We identify economic opportunities for host communities during development of a project; beyond this, we deliver local economic support programs once a project has concluded.

Aside from completing on-the-ground work, our staff have provided over 250 community and need-based skill development courses to manage and train local people.

How we work

Liaising between an organisation and the local community, we work at grassroots level to develop harmonious relationships with community members.

Adept at cross-cultural communication, we interact with people at all levels, fostering understanding between the organisation and local community. The expertise of our small team often allows quality service to be delivered in a swift timeframe.

Who we work with

We’ve proven invaluable to isolated projects, accomplishing hundreds of community relations projects in countries including Laos, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

Our consultants’ work in Australia, Papua New Guinea has focused on topics including village water supply, land management, farming, carpentry, village leadership, sanitation, literacy, sewing and coffee farming. In the Solomon Islands, we developed village resettlement plans and economic development plans for the local community.

We’ve also worked with institutions such as the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation negotiating funding for organisations to support local communities.

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