Case Study - ANZ Bank

Environmental and Social Audits


Undertake Environmental and Social Audits prior to the decision to provide finance for major mining and industrial projects in the Asia-Pacific region. Audit criteria to include EIS commitments as well as compliance with relevant international sustainability guidelines such as World Bank Guidelines, International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards, and the Equator Principles.


Graham A Brown & Associates assembled a qualified and skilled audit team consisting of environmental and social auditors. The team travelled to the sites to complete the audits. The audit scope included all operations and involved detailed community survey and audit processes to determine the status of the environmental and community development programs. The audit results were presented in a formal audit report to the ANZ Bank to inform the lenders of the status of current environmental and social management practices, and future intentions, relating to the proposed loan facility. The reports included a rating system to provide benchmark results and allow for future comparison and performance trending.


Audits completed on time and on budget. Good news stories relating to the environment included water security, reduction in reliance on slash and burn agriculture (creates smoke, damages soil and produces sediment runoff), stabilisation of slopes, control of sediment from mining activities, and revegetation of disturbed areas, often with species that enhance the productivity or aesthetics of the area. Other good news stories include the clearing of UXO, enhanced security within an area and the reunification of families that have been separated for many years through wars or economic necessity.


Graham A Brown & Associates has been involved with ANZ Bank in completing environmental and social audits of facilities such as the Sepon Gold and Copper Mine and the Pan Australian 'Phu Bia' Gold Mine in Laos, the Climax Mining Ltd ‘Didipio’ Gold Mining Project in the Philippines, the Gold Ridge Gold Mine in the Solomon Islands and the Dalby Bio-ethanol plant in Queensland. We continued to complete environmental and social audits and provide environmental, community relations and OHS consultancy services on behalf of the mining companies themselves, independent of any bank lending requirements (see GRML).

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